Mercyhurst University is committed to building a community of students and employees that resembles the world we seek to serve. Your personal and intellectual growth is best served through a challenging education that defies sameness of thought and exposes you to unfamiliar perspectives and experiences. Living and learning at Mercyhurst means being part of a community that insists on respect for all people.

符合我们热情好客的核心价值观, 同情, 和验收, we seek to honor the Sisters of Mercy with a continued commitment to their five critical concerns: caring for women, 照顾移民, 爱护地球, 提倡非暴力, 反对种族主义.

我们寻求推进我们在多样性方面的努力, 股本, 包容, and justice as we fight against systemic oppression and injustice in our world today. We want every student and employee to not only hear “欢迎你来这里,” but to truly feel accepted and valued at Mercyhurst University.


以我们的 核心价值观 仁慈的传统, Mercyhurst University fosters a welcoming environment and seeks the courage, 创造力, 包容的工作需要同情心. We believe that our community’s intellectual and 社会 growth depends on each person’s freedom to be their authentic self, and we actively celebrate the experiences and perspectives of our diverse community members*. We commit to an increasingly equitable campus where students and employees form lifelong commitments to service and justice in a multi文化 world.  

*Rooted in Catholic Social Teaching and a commitment to uphold the inherent dignity of every person, we seek to be sensitive towards and supportive of a range of diversities, 包括年龄, 能力, neurotypicality, 性别, 性别认同或表达, 性取向, 国家的起源, 国籍, 种族, 比赛, 宗教, 教育状况, 社会经济地位, 婚姻状况, 退伍军人身份.


    多元文化学生服务 协助教育工作, 文化, 社会, 以及所有学生的个人需求, 特别强调种族问题, 性别, 以及性取向. This organization is committed to supporting and developing future leaders through community advocacy and hands-on mentorship.

    多元文化学生服务 serves the diverse needs of the student body by sponsoring, 共同发起, 支持学术研究, 社会, and 文化 events at Mercyhurst and in the Erie community as well as providing trainings, 研讨会, 为学生提供专业发展机会, 教师, 和工作人员. Some annual programs and services include a Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, 肯特偷窃仪式, 牛奶日庆祝活动, 专业发展和网络, LGBTQIA+学生编程, 包容对话. 

    默西赫斯特的学生来自几十个国家. We are committed to providing our international student population with the proper support and resources to ensure them a safe, 快乐, 成功的大学生涯. 参观 国际学生办公室网页 for more information about how our 国际学生办公室 supports students through the admissions process 和 rest of their time as a student. 

    Use the button in the 资源 section below to visit the 俱乐部 and 组织 webpage for a full list of 文化 and diversity clubs. Students are also encouraged to gather friends and an academic advisor to start their own club or organization!



    Students who feel they have experienced discrimination or harassment at Mercyhurst (which is a violation of our code of conduct) may file a complaint using the 非歧视申诉表格.

    For cases that involve bias but do not rise to the level of harassment or discrimination, the Bias Reporting Team regularly responds to reports by offering supports and interventions, 还有教育和对话, to ensure a campus climate of increasing sensitivity and critical learning.

    Visual Representation of Bias Reporting showing the steps as 确认ation, 摄入, 评估, 响应, 和审查.

    启动偏见报告活动有两种选择. 如果遇到直接威胁或紧急情况,请报警 & 安全电话814-824-3911,或拨打911联系当地执法部门. Privacy will be respected throughout the process regardless of which option is chosen.

    选项1: 博士联系. 格雷格•贝克, 任务副总裁, who will assist you in pursuing the best options for you to bring forth your complaint. This is the recommended option that will give you 和 university the best opportunities for productively handling your report.
    电子邮件: gbaker@vaststarsky.com

    选项2: Fill out the 偏见活动报告表格 available to Mercyhurst University students and employees (with an option for anonymity). Please know that the university’s options for potential investigation, 后续, or support will be significantly limited if you choose the form's anonymous option.


    • 非裔美国人/黑人:4.6%
    • 阿拉斯加原住民/美洲印第安人:0.6%
    • 亚洲:1.1%
    • 西班牙/ Latinx: 4.5%
    • 夏威夷/太平洋岛民:0.0%
    • 白种人:78.4%
    • 两场以上比赛:0.6%
    • 无名:5.8%
    • 非居民外国人:4.5%


    • 非裔美国人/黑人:1.95%
    • 阿拉斯加原住民/美洲印第安人:0.18%
    • 亚洲:1.59%
    • 白种人:90.62%
    • 西班牙/ Latinx: 1.59%
    • 多个:0.88%
    • 非居民外国人:0.88%
    • 无名:0.71%



    成立于2021年, the PAC-DEIJ regularly advises the president and cabinet while advancing strategic DEIJ goals for the university. The council is comprised of ten students, administrators, and 教师.

    For the current academic year, PAC-DEIJ plans to implement the following actions:

    Completing a full DEIJ strategic plan for Mercyhurst University.
    Conducting large-scale programming for civil discourse and learning to dialogue across categories of difference.
    Working with student leaders to create a new multi文化 lounge in the Sister Carolyn Herrmann Student Union.
    Assessing the bias reporting process during its first year of operation.
    Conducting an audit of the campus to improve diversity in images and artwork. 
    Completing DEIJ updates to the public webpage and internal 冰球突破官网中心 page.
    Evaluating and improving practices for hiring and retaining diverse employees.