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As Mercyhurst alumni, the Office of Alumni Relations as proud to offer several benefits to you. 所有福利列于: vaststarsky.com/alumni/benefits


Alumni email accounts are a benefit to you! You will have access to your @lakers.vaststarsky.com帐户截止到9月. 毕业后一年的第一天. Before then, you can convert your @lakers.mercyhurst.Edu帐户到@alumni.vaststarsky.com帐户s to preserve your files, folders, emails, etc. 给你们湖人队的邮件.vaststarsky.com帐户 will also transfer over to your new @alumni.vaststarsky.com帐户!



Handshake is our online job posting platform but it is also a lot more. You should have been given access to an account as a student through your Mercyhurst email. If you activated it, just log in and start using these resources. Don’t forget to change your email in your account settings so you get them! Not only does Handshake offer job postings for tens of thousands of employers, it also houses our career resource library. Check out the Resources tab to access advice documents from resume and cover letter building to networking and professionalism.


Resume and Cover Letter reviews are always available to alumni. 给我们发邮件吧 cdc@vaststarsky.com and someone will give you resume feedback within a few days. 跟进预约, 无论是虚拟的还是校园的, are available if you feel you need continued assistance. The same opportunities are available for individualized job search assistance and interviewing tips. Send us an email or request an appointment in Handshake to get things started. 我们会尽你所能提供帮助.


冰球突破官网读研的思考? We are happy to help you in your graduate school searches and provide tips and practice for applications and entrance exams. The 在线彼得森指南 is a great place to start to see what programs are out there. Are you still unsure of your career path? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone and it isn’t too late to explore your options. One-on-one career counseling is available to you. We can help guide your exploration and offer options to bring in money while you explore.


Are you all set and have started your career? The Career Center would love to hear about it! Log in to your Handshake account to take our First Destination Survey and consider reaching out to offer your experience to our current students!


Alumni events are taking place all throughout the year and not just in Erie, but in cities all over the country for you to attend - if you cannot make it back to campus easily, many 校友分会 have been started for you to connect with fellow Lakers in your city.


周末回家 - usually in September or early October - mark your calendars for your first Homecoming as Mercyhurst ALUMNI: Sept. 27-29!

周末聚会 - always held in June to celebrate landmark class years, honor the Distinguished Alumni Award recipients, and celebrate the Athletics Hall of Fame. Soon enough you'll be invited back to attend your 5th reunion!


Alumni Chapter events are sometimes hosted by the University and the Alumni Office, sometimes hosted solely by the Chapter, and sometimes service projects are conducted by the Chapters. Whatever the event type is, you're invited!  


1. 与我们更新您的电子邮件地址. Update your mailing address with us (you won't be invited to the Buffalo Alumni Chapter gathering if our records show that you're living in Rochester!) 3. Connect with your Alumni Chapter online 4. 请访问我们的 事件的网页 5. Follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


Check out 过去事件的照片.


Being involved as alumni is as easy as 1...2...3... and we've narrowed it down to three easy steps for you!

Step 1: Maintaining up-to-date information with Mercyhurst

Make sure your information is always up-to-date with us so that we know where you are and how to reach you. Moving? 让我们知道! 结婚了? 让我们知道! Had a baby? 让我们知道! 更改电子邮件地址? 让我们知道! 你懂的,对吧? 让我们知道! 无论你是否给我们发邮件 alumni@vaststarsky.com -- letting us know what's going on in your life is helpful so that we can best connect with you. 

Step 2: Checking out our website and following us on social media

Visit our 校友网站 where you will find all details from events that you can attend, 你可以得到的好处, ways that you can volunteer with the University, 以及如何给学校捐款. Also be sure to follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where we are always posting updates and information to know.


One of the easiest ways to remain involved is to give back. Giving comes in all shapes and sizes. Of course we hope you'll support the University in a monetary way - we realize you're new graduates and that for the first couple of years smaller amounts might be the most manageable. Whether you're giving to your class gift or a special project that we have going on, 我们永远感激您的支持.

Giving back also comes in the form of volunteering and there are several ways that you can give of your time. 查看我们的 志愿服务机会.